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Becky Beaver

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Becky Beaver


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Ms. Beaver began her legal career in 1977 as Texas family law was evolving into a sophisticated area of jurisprudence. She contributed to the ongoing development of the Texas Family Code, when in the 1990s she served on a special committee appointed to rewrite it. The committee reorganized, rewrote and enhanced the code, laying the foundation for Texas family law jurisprudence to become some of the most sophisticated among the various states.

Ms. Beaver first became intrigued with family law as a law clerk, when she worked with the lawyer who prevailed before the Texas Supreme Court in Holley v. Adams, 544 S.W.2d 367 (Tex. 1976). The factors delineated in this precedent setting case still guide courts today in determining conservatorship of a child. Ms. Beaver has been fortunate since early in her practice to be involved in some of the most complex property and conservatorship cases in Texas, and during the course of her career she has successfully argued or negotiated to settlement myriad cases involving complex contested issues. Although her practice is based primarily in Central Texas, she continues to litigate and negotiate throughout Texas and consults on cases nationally and internationally.

A Texas native, Ms. Beaver holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas Tech University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Texas School of Law. She is board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a distinction held only by the top few percent of lawyers. She is also trained in collaborative law. Her professional activities and awards are extensive, including being named a Texas Super Lawyer eight consecutive years. Ms. Beaver is a frequent author, lecturer and presenter on family law issues.

Ms. Beaver is passionate about giving back to the community, and she is active in many local, regional and national non-profit organizations, giving both her time and talent to further their missions. Ms. Beaver is married, with children and a granddaughter. She is an avid traveler and basketball player.

Ms. Beaver’s complete resume can be viewed here.